MINISLAVERTX: the best-selling product of 2023.

There is no perfect digital firing module wireless; however, we have considered nearly every aspect, including a 30 channels module, a firing voltage of 50V (with approximately 25 igniters in series for each channel), a range test, a modifiable Radio Frequency channel, and a network ID own.

You will be surprised to discover that you have an operating distance of 500m, as the crow flies. Thanks to its small remote control, you can manage all your shows in manual mode. Operating frequency 433 Mhz, absolute safety!
Have you ever considered taking it a step further and putting on your first pyro-musical?
You can manage up to 126 ignition modules, 512 DMX channels, upload your shows via USB or create them from the simple interface of the Master with the MiniMasterRTX.Don’t forget that MiniMasterRTX has audio outputs and an integrated audio player.
The perfect digital firing module wireless: Come and find out more!
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