Why choose Piroshow?

Why choose Piroshow?

Piroshow was founded in 2010 by the talent of Paolo Lombardo, who has always lived in the world of fireworks and alongside the best pyrotechnic, developing knowledge in techniques and methods of shooting.

Currently the Piroshow system is composed of: Master Full, Master Manual, Slave, SuperSlave, SmartSlave to which are added the new Master FullPower and FastSlave, the latter already presented at the “International Symposium on Fireworks” held in Omagari (Jp) last April. The expansion of the current system wants to respond to the continuous changes of technology in the field of fireworks, if on one hand the diffusion of the plugs meant that the FastSlave was born, the continuous demand for a light, versatile and innovative system has made so that the Master FullPower was born, which, by itself, allows to control up to 126 SmartSlave or FastSlave.

What is the main prerogative of Piroshow? Simple: create products that meet the needs of pyrotechnists all over the world, whether they are passionate admirers or professionals at national or international level.

In addition to being in step with innovation, all Piroshow products are the result of a high quality production cycle in which the basic components are assembled with the latest technologies that allow to achieve high precision by creating a finished product complete, but at the same time easy to use.

Safety is in every product: the Slave is equipped with an internal self-check-up which operates immediately after turning it on to signal any anomaly; the SmartSlave do not operate the firing circuit during the test phase, avoiding the possibility of accidental switching in advance; the Full and FullPower Masters have a PLAY / PAUSE function that allows you to block the pyrotechnic show during its execution and to resume it from the same moment.

Each Piroshow product is therefore the synthesis of innovation, technology, quality, simplicity and safety, all characteristics of inestimable value but within everyone’s reach.

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