Technology and art

Piroshow is the professional firing system that provides to best pyrotechnicians the accuracy, reliability and flexibility of the most advanced electronic technology.
Each pyrotechnician produces fireworks very carefully in the privacy of his factory. Each pyrotechnician plans and organizes firework shows with great care, because every show is for him not only the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in the manufacture, color brilliance, accuracy of the forms, but also because every international competition, each Regional race, each show, even the simplest, is the opportunity to demonstrate his creativity, his ability to light up the sky.

A simple design is not art. Each firework show display, be it day, night, water or pyromusical can go far beyond the simple “light up the sky”, can become a triumph of choreography, rhythms sound, acceleration, combinations of colors. As the great painter paints on canvas, the great pyrotechnician depicts on the sky. Pyrotechnics is art!

For great pyrotechnicians, each show is the opportunity to demonstrate the perfection of their craftsmanship and creativity of their imagination.The great pyrotechnicians aspire to perfection and demand the perfection of equipment that they use. Only pyrotechnicians that take care to perfection become great pyrotechnicians ..only great pyrotechnicians become great artists of the fire!
Relying on the Piroshow professional firing system means creating the perfect marriage between the most engaging pyrotechnic art and the most advanced and reliable electronic technology. Relying on PiroShow means to safeguard the effort spent in the production of fireworks in view of the run of pyrotechnic shows, moreover to rely on PiroShow means for the great pyrotechnician to have a full range of tools to enhance his artistic creativity.