It’s wireless the fireworks firing system that allows the communication between its modules, not through the traditional cables, but through a system that uses radio waves.

For a long time reliability and security of signal transmission cable had no comparison. However, today, Piroshow can offer its customers a complete wireless system that guarantees the same security and reliability of cables.

At the center of the Wireless Piroshow Firing System is the RadioModem RTX 500mW. This module allows the bidirectional communication (reception and signal transmission) between the Piroshow modules (Master / Slave; Slave / Slave).

Each RadioModem can handle the simultaneous communication of many modules Slave (max 32). It provides an operating distance of 3 km in the open field and from 1.5 to 2 km between buildings.

A reliable wireless ignition system allows:

  • greater speed and greater ease in installation of the show on the floor because it avoids loading on the vans, unroll and then connect the connection cables between the modules
  • to organize shows on barges at sea, or arranged in a firing front interspersed with lakes or rivers, or in the case of shows held above churches or other buildings
  • greater security for the fireworks staff, which can control the firing of the show far from the place where the fireworks are
  • to solve any logistical problem allowing to design shows with several firing fronts, among them several miles away.

Wireless Piroshow Firing System

Wireless the new Piroshow module: MiniSlave RTX.

MiniSlave RTX is a module equipped with 30 firing channels and with integrated RadioModem. It can be managed from a distance of 500m, through the appropriate remote control or from your PC using the FU.MU key. lite and, furthermore, also from the Master with special RadioModem D.B.!