Pyromusical shows are a special type of fireworks characterized by the synchronic and contemporary execution of music and fireworks.

Compared to the ancient history of fireworks (they were born in China in VII VIII centuries. AD) pyromusical shows are a new type of fireworks show (second half of the twentieth century) since it is closely linked to technological development of the synchronization of music and fireworks.

The talent of a pyrotecnician in a pyromusical show is related, on the one hand, to his his ability to interpret the music with fire, to translate the notes in fireworks, on the other to the ability to have a perfectly synchronous execution of music and fireworks.

The ability to interpret music/fire is tied exclusively to the artistic genius of pyrotecnicians, you can have it… or not ; the ability to sync music/fireworks is rather a technologic prerogative.

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