It’s wireless the fireworks firing system that allows the communication between its modules, not through the traditional cables, but through a system that uses radio waves.

For a long time reliability and security of signal transmission cable had no comparison. Today however Piroshow can, thanks to its intensive research and development, offer its customers a complete wireless system that guarantees the same security and reliability of cables.

At the center of the Piroshow wireless system is the radio modem module RTX 500mW: this module allows the bidirectional communication (phase 1: reception; phase 2: signal transmission) between the Piroshow modules (Master / Slave; FU.MU. software/ Slave ; Slave / Slave).

The wide coverage of the radio signal , (up to 12km in the open field, and 1.5 / 2 km between buildings) provided by a single RTX 500mW module and the ability to use more intermediate as radio link, make virtually unlimited the distances can be covered with the absolute security of a perfect communication.

A reliable wireless ignition system allows:

  • greater speed and greater ease in installation of the show on the floor because it avoids loading on the vans, unroll and then connect the connection cables between the modules
  • to overcome insurmountable obstacles with the cable connection, for example in case of shows on barges at sea, or arranged in a firing front interspersed with lakes or rivers, or in the case of shows held above churches or other buildings
  • greater security for the fireworks staff, which can control the firing of the show far from the place where the fireworks are
  • to solve any logistical problem that can be brake on the creativity of the pyrotechnician, allowing to design shows with several firing fronts, among them several miles away.

It is said efiring design and firing mode of firework handled in its entirety via a PC..
The efiring, allowing centralized management of both the design, execution of the show, is an indispensable tool for the fireworks.
This mode can be used for any type of show, but it is particularly suitable in the case of musical pyrotechnics shows or big traditional performances characterized by a long firing front divided into a multitude of firing stations. The ability to manage through a single computer’s interface the entire show ensures not only greater simplicity in the design of large and very large shows, but also, in the showtime continuous monitoring of the various phases of the show and its proper progress..

Efiring allows of course all three of the traditional firing type: the fully automatic, semiautomatic and manual.

The Piroshow professional firing system provides two alternative systems of efiring:

Through PC :

design and simulation sequences by simulator (for ex.FINALE FIREWORKS), pyromusical synchronization of the show via FU.MU. software , Piroshow Converter as a means of connection between the PC and firing modules.

Through Master Full:

the technological heart inside our flagship model is similar to a powerful PC, capable of performing all phases of design and execution of the show.

The ignition in sequence of fireworks (Roman candles, shells, italians) is the main tool in the creation of the finest pyrotechnic choreography.

Piroshow allows the programming and the execution of pyrotechnical sequences through three distinct ways:

Simulator (for ex.FINALE FIREWORKS) associated with FU.MU. software for musical pyrotechnics shows.

Slave 30CH100V.

Master Full for very long sequences (unlimited switching devices) and complex (articulated in different firing positions).

Piroshow modules allow easy programming of sequences:

Constant: the pyrotecnician must only decide the time interval between a switch and the other, and the number of channels to apply the sequential programming.

Accelerated: the pyrotecnician set the initial interval (longer) and end (shortest) and the number of channels, the Piroshow module automatically apply between the firing of one channel and the other intervals faster and faster.

Decelerated: the pyrotecnician set the initial interval (shorter) and final (longest) and the number of channels, the Piroshow module automatically apply between the firing of one channel and the other intervals slower and slower.

NOTE: to ease of programming sequences, Piroshow modules offer the possibility of SIMULATED SEQUENCE:

once programmed the sequence (constant acceleration, deceleration), the pyrotecnician can follow the simulation of the final effect of programming directly in the Piroshow modul both visually, through the sequential switching of LEDs for each channel, both in sound, through the beeps associated to every ignition of the sequence.


A choreography is the simultaneous or marked in times fireworks firing to create a visual and sound effect in the sky, able to create wonder and amazement in the viewers. The fireworks choreographic capacity expresses the artistic talents of pyrotecnicians in the planning and in the execution of fireworks.

The Piroshow professional firing system allows to the biggest pyrotechnicians performing, with maximum precision and safety in results, his artistic creativity.

In particular, Piroshow system ensures:

The ability to program sequences constant, accelerated and decelerated even very complex and divided into hundreds of firing channels.

The ability to articulate the firing front in several locations distant from one another through the system of communication between modules via radio.

The ability to manage through a single module (Master Full and simulators), the choreography of shows especially large and complex and realtime monitor the perfect execution of the show.

Pyromusical shows are a special type of fireworks characterized by the synchronic and contemporary execution of music and fireworks.

Compared to the ancient history of fireworks (they were born in China in VII VIII centuries. AD) pyromusical shows are a new type of fireworks show (second half of the twentieth century) since it is closely linked to technological development of the synchronization of music and fireworks.

The talent of a pyrotecnician in a pyromusical show is related, on the one hand, to his his ability to interpret the music with fire, to translate the notes in fireworks, on the other to the ability to have a perfectly synchronous execution of music and fireworks.

The ability to interpret music/fire is tied exclusively to the artistic genius of pyrotecnicians, you can have it… or not ; the ability to sync music/fireworks is rather a technologic prerogative.

Piroshow through FU.MU. software and the Piroshow Converter, or through our new and super technological Master Full module, ensures reliability in executing fireworks without competitors and perfect synchronization to the hundredth of a second!!