The Piroshow system offers to its customers an unbeatable quality/price ratio!
Describe your needs, we’ll be happy to advise you of the combination of products tailored for you.
In the case of a claim of a complete system, or of many products, other discounts are possible!
Once ordered, the products can be retired in our offices or delivered via courier in Italy and worldwide.


Each firework company may be facing , during the year, the problem of having to run on the same day or at the same time, a plurality of contemporary performances or particularly large and complex shows, so that the normal power equipment is insufficient.
To solve these problems Piroshow offers the opportunity to rent their own ignition system.

Payment methods

Piroshow knows the business and the world of pyrotechnics, and to meet its clients, provides the possibility to determine custom payment or pay in installments over time all or part of the amount owed by financial.
We also accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card / Paypal
  • Cash on delivery