Quality guaranteed on component, certifications and design

Our certifications

Being able to affix the CE mark and receive the ISO 9001 certification is the first index of the quality of farm products.
The presence of the “CE” mark on a product manufactured in Europe or elsewhere (or on its packaging) certifies compliance with EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.
The ISO 9000 series standards are universal and their applicability is independent from the size or sector of activity. The ISO standards are guidelines that a company must follow in the organization of business processes throughout the production cycle in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the production and ensure customer satisfaction.



What for others is the point of arrival (CE certification and ISO 9001) for Piroshow is only the starting point.
To guarantee to its customers, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability for Piroshow means first of all ensuring the highest design quality and the highest quality of the electronic components used in. In Piroshow we are in fact sure that to guarantee a product is not only a brand, however prestigious, affixed to the base, but above all the goodness of its practical design and test in the firing field.
All products of our professional firing system are fully designed and assembled by Piroshow.

In particular, we are convinced that, compared to a generic component (as may be preprinted circuits), it is always preferable the specific design. All electrical circuits of our modules are directly and independently designed by Piroshow and printed for us by the safest companies in the market. Similarly, our modules are programmed with our exclusive codes of operation, to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.


For nonelectronic components of our products Piroshow rely on external partners.
To be Piroshow partners means to ensure for each component the utmost in quality, durability, efficiency, for this Piroshow selects its own partners only among the market leaders, subjecting its products to rigorous testing of functionality and reliability.
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