SuperSlave Kit

SuperSlave Kit

SuperSlave Kit is the perfect solution for all the pyrotechnicians who are searching for a quality system that is innovative and versatile and at the same time allow to save money and effort. The kit is composed by: a SuperSlave that supply the energy to 5 SmartSlave, an ID Programmer to modify the identity and to do the test of the SmartSlaves and a strong Case for SmartSlave that, with 5 internal compartments, will allow you to transport your kit with lightness and comfort. Shipping within 40 days, ask to know about the immediate availability.

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The research and development activities never stop, our target is to raise the standard of innovation and quality in the field of pyrotechnical equipment, without neglect the needs of our current and future customers. SuperSlave kit allows you to obtain a system that includes the advantages of the SmartSlaves and Slave 30 CH – 100V.

The SmartSlave, actually:

have no internal battery, so the pyrotechnician can move up the editing of the shows in the factory saving time in the field of fire. There is no rick of leak of battery acid, this reduce the maintenance;
are provided with a cover that protect the connectors and the wires from the fall of burning material during the show;
are small and light
are a synonymous of safety, we exclude any possibility to ignitions by chance during the phase of test because only the control circuit is fed (not the fire circuit);
are waterproof and resistant to the atmospheric agents.
The SuperSlave is born from a series of modification applied on the Slave 30 CH – 100V but it continue to maintain all its functions of sequential constant, accelerate, decelerated and programmed settings.

All these characteristics guarantee safety, quality, innovation and time and money saving.

To connect the SuperSlave to the SmartSlaves is very simple: the 5 SmartSlaves will have to be connected in series and the last one will be connected to the SuperSlave that, once ON will switch ON all the connected modules. This connection is also advantages: other 30 channels of the SuperSlave will be added to the 150 channels of the SmartSlaves! Considering that every channel of the SmartSlaves can have 25 igniters in series and every channel of the SuperSlave can have 50 igniters in series: this system will guarantee more than 5000 ignitions!

The phase of the test that precedes the show can be done through Master (Full, FullPower or Manual) or through ID Programmer, both way are simple and fast!

The ID Programmer have to be inserted in the anterior connector of every SmartSlave and allow to read and modify the identity of every SmartSlave, following the project of your show, and to do the test in total safety because, with no power supply, it will not ignite any fire circuit.

The kit includes a strong Case for SmartSlaves. Strengthen in metal with rivets in the corners, with strong lateral handle, it is perfect to transport the various modules from a show to another!


Master and SuperSlave connection via cable

Master and SuperSlave connection via RadioModem

Master and Smartslave connection

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