Piroshow Fireworks Firing System

The versatile, light and easy to use but high professional ignition system, SmartSlave is the multiple socket for the electronic ignition of the new generation fireworks. With no internal battery but fed by the Power Box Module or by the Super Slave, guarantee high performances and reliability even if it has small dimensions, is easy to transport and very simple to use. Compatibility with the whole Piroshow system. Shipping within 15 days, ask for possible immediate availability.

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Product Description

SmartSlave is the last generation solution that allow the pyrotechnician a great save of time and effort. Indeed:

it is light and have small dimensions;
it is safe and it excludes in origin the possibility of ignitions by chance during the test phase because only the control circuit is fed, not the fire circuit;
it is waterproof and resistant to the atmospheric agents;
it has no internal battery and this allow the pyrotechnician to move up the assembly or the show in the factory saving time in the field of fire, moreover there is no risk of battery acid leak an this aspect reduce the maintenance;
it has a cover that protect the connectors and the wire from the fall of burning material during the show;

The Power Box is one of the feeding systems of the SmartSlaves: it has two internal battery of 12V at 7 amp and alone can feed up to 25 SmartSlave providing to each of them a fire voltage of 50 V. This configuration guarantee against the possibility of short circuit and line overload. From the Power Box it is possible to do the Line Test of each connected ignition socket-

The connection between the SmartSlave and the Power Box has to be done by only using the two chromed buckles present both in the Power Box and in the SmartSlave through a simple telephone cable or a normal electric wire and can be done in ray system or in cascade.

The Super Slave is the alternative to the Power Box. It was born to a simple modification to the Slave 30Ch – 100V that now has got a new exit that provide the sufficient alimentation to the ignition of 5 SmartSlave. The advantage of the Super Slave is that remains a sequential module that continue to maintain all its functions of sequential, constant, accelerated, decelerate an programmed settings.

The connection between Super Slave and SmartSlave is very simple: the SmartSlave are connected each other in parallel with a simple telephone wire o a normal electric wire, once ended the connection, the wire has to be connected to the Super Slave through the connectors to insert in the lateral holes. Through this simple system, all the SmartSlave connected will be fed.

The Power Box/Super Slave, through wire or radio modem will be connected to a Master to send in execution the show.


Producto exclusivo Piroshow - en acero con coloración a 180° - resistente al agua - Conectores Quick Clips - ausencia de batería interna: ninguna posibilidad de ignición fortuita - larga autonomía gracia a la alimentación a través de Power Box - Test Línea (desde la Power Box)


Proyectada y realizada según los estándares ISO 9001. Marca CE. Garantía internacional por defectos de fabricación

30 Líneas
Tensión de disparo 50V
Tiempo mínimo entre dos disparos 0,01 segundos
Test Líneas
Conectores Quick CLips resistentes al agua
Resistente a los agentes atmosféricos
Firmware actualizable
Marca CE – ISO 9001
Garantía internacional
Peso: 1,5 kg