Slave 30CH-100V

Slave 30CH-100V

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The 30CH100V unit is the central module of the Piroshow system, the essential product for the big pyrotechnic that wishes to use an electronic
ignition system that does not restrict, but instead enhances, his artistic talents. Delivery within 15 days, ask to learn about the possible immediate availability. Charger optional.

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Slave 30CH100V is the quintessence of the most advanced electronic technology and the highest quality construction. Wide flexibility, scalability with the entire Piroshow system, ease of use, precision shooting, make the 30CH100V unit the perfect tool for the most demanding pyrotechnic.

The 30CH100V unit is the central module of the Piroshow system, the essential product for the big pyrotechnic that wishes to use an electronic ignition system that does not restrict, but instead enhances, his artistic talents.

The electronic circuit of the 30CH100V module is an exclusive Piroshow project, our specific design allows to the heart of the
control unit to make it more accurate, more reliable, easier to program.

Each 30CH100V module has 30 independent channels equipped with strong antitearing terminals within which secure the lead for the lighter. The high voltage allows you to connect in each channel up 50 igniters in series, thus achieving the amazing number of
1500 firings per unit. Minimum firing range only 0,01 seconds.

The suitcase for housing and transportation is extremely sturdy, according to standards that could be called “military”, waterproof
and weatherproof, sealed with rubber slits for the output ignition wires and valve to control the internal pressure. Ensures maximum
reliability under all conditions of use and a long durability even at increased use.

30CH100V is equipped with internal rechargeable battery with long life time (30h 60h in standby), suitable to supply power to any Piroshow module without battery connected to it (i.e.. radiomodem RTX 500mW).

Are usually called “slaves” modules that, on the one hand, are directly connected to the fireworks (via the wire and its lighter) and allow you to fire them independently, on the other, are capable of expressing the maximum of their potential when they are centrally controlled by a module called “master”.

It can be connected to PC through Piroshow Converter to create an e-firing system, can be connected via RS485 cable to other 30CH100V
modules or to Master Full and Master Manual modules. The connection can also be via radiomodem RTX 500mW, in order to achieve a completely wireless system.

When connected to a master module (Full or Manual), the controller 30CH100V left in power saving mode (standby) can be reactivated (wake up) directly from the master. This, combined with long range power, allows you to place modules 30CH100V well in advance of the start time of the show, thus facilitating the work of the pyrotechnician.

Autonomous power unit : Trigger option. With its 30 firing channels our control unit is perfect for the remote electronic ignition of firework shows of small and medium size. Simply select the channel to fire and press the OK button. The line tester allows the pyrotechnic to test before the show the correctness of each link.

Sequencer : 30CH100V is designed to simplify the design and setting of choreographic sequences and / or firing . The three possibilities of sequencial firing, CONSTANT, ACCELERATED, DECELERATED, require only the indication of the number of channels to use and of time interval between a switch and the next. The option SIMULATED SEQUENCE, through the LEDs and audible beeps, ease the programming.

Management unit of the solenoid valves (fire) : solenoid valves are highly suggestive component in firework shows. Unlike other manufacturers modules, which, connected to the valves, only allow the standard power, the slave unit 30CH100V by Piroshow allows total management of the solenoid, being able to determine the times of opening and then check intensity, amplitude and duration of flame!

Remote unit : in the case of shows rich in choreographies or large and very large shows, 30CH100V control units can be operated up to 256!, centrally from our Master unit (Master Full and Master Manual) or through the PC with our FU.MU. software. In this case, the 30CH100V are used remotely. For each slave the pyrotechnician will assign an identity and a power setting which will then be called in fully automatic or manual mode.


30 lines
Firing voltage 100V
Minimum time between two consecutive shots 0.01 sec.
Trigger Pulse 8 to 400V
Line test
Simulation of visual and sound sequences
Internal rechargeable battery 12V
Long battery life (about 30h, 60h standby approx)
Control of battery charge
2 input/output 4pin XLR connectors
Firmware upgradeable
CE mark ISO
International warranty
Dimensions: 330x280x120 mm
Weight: 6 kg


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Weight 6 kg