Rechargeable lead battery 12V, 2Ah - FIAMM

Rechargeable lead battery 12V, 2Ah - FIAMM

15,00 + IVA

Lead battery FG – FIAMM range

A battery for application and general use, that is in the range FG FIAMM and offers Monobloc at 6V e 12 V at various Amp hour capability, that allows the selection of the right battery for every need. FIAMM Sealed Power is a productor of VRLA batteries
Optimased for load up to 20 hours
Project life 5 years in operation of flotation in ambient with controller temperature.
Technology of gas re-combination and VRLA AGM with internal re-combination at 99%
Without spilling and without the need of maintenance
Not dangerous material for the air/sea/train/road transport

100% recyclable

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