Power box


Piroshow Fireworks Firing System
Is the centralized power supply system and line test of the Smart Slave
The Power Box is the Smart Slave Power System: the Power Box comes with 2 12V to 7A batteries. And alone it can power up to 25 Smart Slaves, providing each of them a 50V firing voltage. This configuration guarantees against the possibility of short-circuit and overload line. From the Power Box it is possible to perform the Line Test of each connected ignition coil.

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Product Description

Dual Rechargeable 12V Battery 7 Amperes – Long Autonomy (approx 60h, Standby 120h) – Up to 25 Smart Slave Power Options – Line Test – Great Time Saved: Just Charge the Power Box to Power The Smart Slaves


Exclusive Piroshow Project - Studied for the most intense use - internal pressure control valve -  waterproof - battery level control


Made following ISO 9001 - CE Mark  - International warranty.


Double internal battery 12V 7 amp

Control up to 25 Smart Slaves

Long lasting autonomy (60h, stand by 120h)

Battery level control

Line test


Upgradeable firmware

CE ISO 9001 Mark

International warranty

Weight: 6 kg