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MicroSmartSlave is the new Piroshow module, small and handy, designed to adapt to any situation. Like all the products in the range, it has 30 ignition channels which, with an output voltage of 50 V, will allow you to connect up to 25 ignitors in series for each channel!
Compatibility with the entire Piroshow system. Shipment within 15 days, ask for immediate availability.

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MicroSmartSlave has no internal battery, so it needs to be powered from the SuperSlave or directly from Master FullPower. In both cases no specific cable is needed, just a normal electrical cable or a simple telephone pair cable, both cheap and easy to find. For the wiring, just insert one end of the cable into the chrome-plated connectors in the Master panel and the other end into the chrome-plated connectors of the first module, from there connect all the cascade modules.
A module without an internal battery has many advantages:

  • You don’t need to think about charging the battery before each show;
  • The risk of acid leaking from the battery is avoided;
  • Maintenance is reduced to the bare minimum;
  • It is possible to anticipate the assembly of the show in the factory;
  • The module becomes small, light, easy to transport and use.

The new MicroSmartSlave maintains the same circuit as the SmartSlave, giving you the peace of mind of a module already tested and launched on the market for years, simply enclosed in a smaller case!
The internal circuit is divided between the firing circuit and the test circuit, thus avoiding the possibility of accidental ignitions during the test phase and is also covered with a gel film that protects it from atmospheric agents.


Master and SuperSlave connection via cable

Master and SuperSlave connection via RadioModem

Master and Smartslave connection

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