MicroSmartSlave Kit

MicroSmartSlave Kit

MicroSmartSlave Kit è la nuova proposta Piroshow per tutti i pirotecnici a passo coi tempi. Il kit si compone di una SuperSlave, in grado di alimentare fino a 10 MicroSmartSlave ed un ID Programmer per cambiare l’ID e per effettuare il test dei canali delle ciabatte. Sono incluse nel kit due valigie di lamiera che, divise in 5 comparti interni, permettono di trasportare ancora più facilmente il vostro kit. Spedizione entro 40 giorni, chiedere per conoscere l’eventuale disponibilità immediata.

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The new Piroshow modules, of only 20 cm, fully replace those bulky and heavy modules that very often do not lend themselves to new demands of versatility and compactness. The advantages of battery-free modules remain unchanged:

  • You don’t have to think about charging the battery before every show,
  • The risk of acid leakage from the battery is avoided,
  • Maintenance is reduced to the bare minimum,
  • It is possible to anticipate the assembly of the show at the factory,
  • The module is small, light, easy to transport and use.

Piroshow’s MicroSmartSlave, as well as the traditional SmartSlaves, can be powered by the SuperSlave, thus obtaining a system of 330 channels that can be used both in Radio and cable mode! They can also be powered directly by the Master FullPower, using a common electrical cable.