Master Manual 3780CH

Master Manual 3780CH

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Master Manual 3780CH is the economical, simple and lightweight alternative to the Master Full module that Piroshow offers its customers. Master Manual is the perfect tool for managing traditional fireworks shows, including large ones, in manual mode. Small and lightweight in size, perfect and reliable in execution, simple to use, Master Manual immediately becomes, for you pyrotechnicians, the working tool which you can not do without. Shipment within 15 days, ask to know any immediate availability. Battery charger included.

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Master Manual is equipped with 2 x RS485 outputs: this allows you to connect into two distinct groups the lines in which the show is directed (eg. right and left firing front), requiring fewer cables and simplifying the task of organizing the allocation of the show on the ground.

Of course the connection between Master Manual and Slave 30CH100V can also be by radio, through our RTX 500mW Radio modem, so as to create a completely wireless ignition system.

Master Manual 3780CH can handle up to 126 Slave 30CH100V and so 3780 single ignitions (126 x 30 = 3780). If you consider that every channel of Slave 30CH100V module can trigger up to 50 ignitions connected in series, Master Manual is able to control the exceptional number of 189000 ignitions.

The ability to program sequences of firing directly into connected Slave modules and the high number of manageable lines make the Master Manual 3780CH module suitable for the execution of large shows, rich in choreographies and with numerous firing positions.
The ultraresistant and waterproof case, the internal longlasting battery with indication of the charge level, the line tester, to verify the correct connection of all connected slaves, guarantee maximum reliability in every occasion.

Once each slavea is ssigned to its identity (ID), the pyrotechnician will associate to each line a slave identity, or, if you want the simultaneous execution of multiple slaves, connect multiple slave IDs to the same line.

Before the running of the show, the pyrotechnician can verify through the Tester the proper connection of all the Slave modules, that then will be put in standby directly from the Master Manual.

Upon execution of the show, the simple power of the Master Manual will activate (wakeup) connected the Slave 30CH100V. At this point it will be sufficient to select in succession the line, the SLAVE and its CHANNEL, press the red button FIRE! to start the execution of the show.

Each line/slave/channel is “armed”, i.e. made available for firing, only when specifically selected. This system guarantees the perfect execution of the show also in case of involuntary pressing of the FIRE button.


Up to 126 lines/Slave 30CH100V
3780 ignitions, max 189000 in series
Remote line test on the Slave
Internal rechargeable 12V battery
Control of the battery charge level
2 input/output connectors 4pin XLR
Firmware upgradeable
CE mark ISO9001
International warranty
Dimensions: 210x167x90 mm.
Weight: 1 kg

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