Master FullPower

Master FullPower

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Master FullPower is the most innovative and complete product of the Piroshow brand, it is the result of study and research with no limit in the innovation. The skill of Master Full remains the same but the new features add the very important function that now make it the only product that can supply power to up to 126 SmartSlave, MicroSmartSlave or FastSlave without the use of Super Slave.
Master FullPower is what professionals who never give practicality and versatility of their instruments away search for. Shipping within 40 days, ask to know about the immediate availability. Rapid Charged included.

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Piroshow has always been involved in the research of innovative and professional solution to surprise their customers. Master modules are the max expression of this research: a unique product to menage an entire pyrotechnical show, synchronizing lights, audio and fireworks!

Master FullPower is all this and not only.

All firing functions remain unchanged, you will be able to execute the show in automatic, semi-automatic o manual mode, and also to create, modify and execute pyromusical shows, synchronize in their execution to external audio service, control and manage lights, flames (electro valves) and all the illumination and the stage effects.

Master FullPower add the direct alimentation of 126 modules between SmartSlaves, FastSlaves creating a new ignition system that is versatile, light and simple to use. SmartSlave and FastSlave are the new generation firing devices: without internal batteries, guarantee high performances and reliability even if they are small size, comfortable to transport and simple to use. To combine two products with these characteristics allows to have the excellence of the firing system.

USB Input

Once you import the show from the simulator through a simple USB drive, the show can be modified directly in the Master and saved in the internal memory. Or can be created directly in the Master by using the simple interface of show creation. The internal memory of the Master allows to save hundreds of shows and, if you require, can be expanded. Once you have imported the show and removed the pendrive, the usb input can be used to connect a mouse or a keyboard to do the operation of modification or creation of the show or to assign a name more easily.

Audio Outputs

Besides the traditional shows, our Master allows, through the RCA output, to manage the pyromusical shows. The audio file must be imported from outside, via USB port, once saved you can play it directly thanks to the integrated audio player.


The SMPTE input is the jewel in the crown of the Piroshow Masters, it allows the exploitation of the TIME CODE technology. The time code allows you to synchronize the list of ignitions programmed in the Master with external devices. In the case, for example, of pyromusical shows where the audio reproduction is entrusted to external services or highly complex shows with lighting effects entrusted to specialized companies, the TIME CODE simply ensures the perfect synchronization of the entire show.

The SMPTE input also allows to connect two or more Masters together to perform the same show: the system configured in this way is NO LIMITS! The number of Slaves and the number of switch-ons that can be managed will depend only on the number of Full Masters connected to each other.

In the new Master FullPower a new RCA type SMPTE input has been added because it is more common in use.

DC Input

The Direct Current input is the connector where you connect the battery charger to fed the Master FullPower. In case of emergency, to this input, you can connect an external power source, like a simple battery, able to provide the energy necessary for the success of the whole show.

Master FullPower has got a 12V battery that allows to feed up to 126 SmartSlave or FastSlave, this capacity is also supported by the new fast charger we will send you.

Master FullPower recharges in less than three hours!

Output connectors

Through these connectors the Master FullPower manages and supplies the SmartSlave and Fast Slave modules. The connection can be made through a simple telephone pair cable or a common electric cable, sturdy and flexible, they allow to transmit the energy from the central source to all the connected modules.

Ethernet Connector

The Ethernet connector is fundamental in a new generation product that does not fear comparison. Through this connector it is possible, via any Ethernet cable, to connect to the network and download all the Firmware updates for your Master FullPower.

Piroshow Master Fullpower will always stay updated!

DMX Output

Through the DMX output, located on the back of the case, it is possible to manage the lights, the flames (solenoid valves) and any possible stage effects.

Bi-directional XLR ports

Master FullPower can manage a total of 126 Slave 30CH-100V or power a combination of 126 modules without an autonomous battery: SmartSlave and FastSlave. The XLR bidirectional ports allow you to connect the Master to the Slave 30CH-100V via RS 485 cable or via radio. The wireless technology allows the various modules to be connected, positioned even very far from each other, making the Master the ideal module to control, from a single position, traditional and pyromusical shows with very long firing front and with a very high number of firing positions

Modules without an autonomous battery, on the other hand, must be connected to the power supply connectors located on the front of the Master using a cable, whether it is a common electrical cable or a telephone pair cable.

At the same time, Master FullPower not only guarantees reliability at the highest levels, but it has been designed to allow the pyrotechnician to recognize his own mistakes made during the design of the show, as well as during the positioning phase: Master FullPower in fact allows test all the Slave modules used in the performance of the show and the igniters connected to them. Its large screen allows you to view in a single view all the system used at the time and its simple white, red, blue and green boxes to recognize and correct any mistakes made in advance.

From the Master FullPower is also possible to control the charge status of all the modules Slave 30CHs connected and put the system in stand-by once completed the test phase and then wake-up it to the execution with a simple click.

From the ID PROGRAM button you can modify the identity of the SmartSlaves and SuperSlaves without using the ID programmer for each one.

The Master module give the maximum flexibility in the planning and design of the shows:

Traditional shows:

  • design directly in local, through the touch-screen control panel, by accessing the specific Create Show menu.
  • import of the already definitive project (list), developed in the pyrotechnic simulator, through a USB pen-drive. The imported show will be saved in the internal memory and then executed. The show can also be modified: elimination of pyrotechnic passages or their replacement with different ones.
  • modification of ignition times – addition of further ignitions – addition of lighting effects or stage effects directly in the Master through the Edit Show item.

Pyromusical shows:

  • import of music tracks, in .mp3 or .wav format through the USB port and subsequent association to a firing list already present in the Master memory or design of the show list directly in the Master FullPower module through the control panel.
  • importation in sequence of the music files and of the firing list developed in the simulator through the USB input, synchronization through the control panel of the Master FullPower.

Shows with light effect or other stage effects:

  • importation of the definitive project of the show, traditional or pyromusical, with the presence of stage effects and electro valves (flames) already planned in the simulator. Management of the lights effects or every other stage effect through DMX port.
  • addition of stage effects to a show already memorized through the Edit Show menu or creation directly in the Master of a show with simultaneous performance of stage effects through the Create Show menu.

Firing Mode:

  1. Manual : manual mode is to be used in absence of programming the show. Connecting the Slave to Master Full, by cable or radiomodem, the pyrotechnic will select, according to which is the progressive order of the show, the line, the slave and the channel to be ignited pressing the FIRE button. Master Full predisposes for ignition always the channel subsequent to last executed, even in the case of jumping between different lines or different slave modules. A simple, but of great help, feature for the pyrotechnic because it speeds up the selection of the correct firing channel and prevents the possibility of running the wrong channel.
  2. Automatic: in automatic mode the project of the show, programmed directly into the Master Full module or imported from the simulator via USB drive, is complete with all of its times including breaks and interruptions between a block of ignition and/or music tracks and another. It will be sufficient to press once the shoot button and follow the proper execution on the display.
  3. Semiautomatic: the semiautomatic mode is selected when the show is scheduled in its list of ignition timing , but the pyrotechnic wants to reserve the opportunity to personally choose how and when to actually run the various blocks in which the show is ordered. In this mode the time signature of the next shot, provides an important aid to the previous one. The semiautomatic mode is realized by inserting from the “Crea spettacolo”(Create show) or “Modifica spettacolo”(Edit show) a pause (short pause) between a programmed block of ignitions and the other. The ignition of each subsequent block involves a new click on the FIRE button.
  4. Via Time Code: ignition via TIME CODE is an extraordinary innovation of Piroshow. It allows to synchronize the list planned on the Master with all external devices connected to it Its clock regulates all planned activities of all connected devices. The Time Code technology allows in this way to launch with a single click all instruments present in the run of the show. In the case ex. of pyrotechnic shows where audio is performed by external services or highly complex shows with light effects committed to specialized companies, Time Code ensures the perfect execution.

The Master Full carrying case and transport case is made of a special plastic polymer that guarantees impact resistance and extremely high intensity use, according to what we might call “military” standards. It is also waterproof and equipped with a valve for checking internal pressure. It does not fear the use even in the most difficult weather conditions.


  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Standard modality: 2 lines, 126 Slaves, 3780 ignitions
  • EXTENDED Modality: no limits to Slaves and ignitions
  • Local planning
  • Ignition lists and music files acquisition
  • Reading of sequences in various formats
  • Memorization of choreographies and entire shows
  • Complete management Slave and channels test
  • Alimentation connector for Smart Slaves and Fast Slaves
  • Synchronization via TIME CODE
  • SMPTE PORT: XLR 3 poles an RCA
  • XLR stereo audio output (2 RCA)
  • USB input
  • Ethernet port
  • Long life rechargeable battery 12v-18Ah
  • Upgradable firmware
  • CE-ISO 9001 mark
  • International warranty
  • Fast battery charger
  • Multilanguage menu: English, French, Spanish, Italian (other on request)
  • Dimensions: 300x240x212mm
  • Weight 9 KG



Master Outputs

Master FullPower is the only product on the market that allows you to take advantage of modern technologies to simplify the management of great shows.

  1. SMPTE - Time code: By using the TIME CODE technology you will be able to synchronize the list of ignitions programmed in the Master with external devices. In essence, the time code creates a single stopwatch that regulates all the programmed activities of all connected devices based on its flow. SMPTE technology exploits the presence of the two different channels in the transmission of the audio signal. The audio track that in stereo mode travels on two different channels is merged on a single channel (and then will be executed in mono mode) to leave the other channel free when the time code track is transmitted. This track is created, according to the purpose for which it must be used, based on various IT parameters. Despite the SMPTE track has as its basis an audio file, its use is not limited to the performance of pyromusical shows but in all cases where it is necessary to coordinate and synchronize the pyrotechnic show to external events.
  2. DMX: The procedure of insertion or modification of the light effects or other stage effects, respect of an ignition list with or without DMX, is rightly the same of the one of modification or addition of pyrotechnic effects. The unique peculiarities are: -  The destination channels go from 126 (max number of manageable Slaves per single Master) to 512. A really amazing number! -  The stage effects (like flames) are regulated depending on the intensity. The intensity has a percentage value you can manage through the specific pointers from 0 to 100, 5 by 5. -  The TEST function is always active: if the stage effect is connected through the specific wire to the DMX outpuy of the Master, you can verify the final effect of the DMX during the phase of planning or modification of the show. - In the screen that visualizes the ignitions list, the SLAVE and CHANNEL columns have to be considered as CHANNEL and VALUE if they are referred to a line that contains a DMX.
  3. ETHERNET CONNECTION: This connection will allow you to upgrade your Master FullPower at any time from anywhere in the world. Through the Ethernet port, a plurality of Master FullPower can be connected to each other by implementing the NO LIMITS mode!
  4. CONNESSIONE RS485: Master FullPower allows you to manage up to 126 Slave 30CH, via cable or via RadioModem Piroshow, depending on your performance needs.

Master Audio Outputs

The Piroshow Master Full recognize the most common international standard of time code with 30fps – 24 fps – 25 fps (frame per second) and HAVE A SOFTWARE THAT ALLOWS TO CREATE THE SMPTE TRACK IN THE MASTER FULL STARTING FROM ANY TYPE OF AUDIO FILE, MP3 OR WAV. Thanks to this integrated audio player, simply connect an audio mixer and you're done!


The NO LIMITS mode is obtained through the use of the SMPTE - Time Code technology or by connecting a plurality of FullPower masters through the Ethernet port.

Ethernet Switch

Through the Ethernet port, a plurality of Master FullPower can be connected to each other. A Master of your choice will become "Hyper Master" and will control the other Masters connected thus directing the entire show.

Master GPS

Two or more Master FullPower can be synchronized with each other via the GPS receivers: in this case all the modules will receive the same hourly signals from the artificial satellites in orbit and will leave simultaneously. A new method of infallible control that makes your module precise and professional!

Time Code

In case you have to perform a show that also requires hundreds or thousands of Slaves (126 Slave is the maximum number that can only be managed by a single Master FullPower), also with integrated management of music and stage effects, the SMPTE technology allows to obtain the perfect synchronization of all the necessary Masters FullPower and absolutely magnificent artistic results.

Cable connection

To establish communication between the Master FullPower module and the ignition modules managed by it, a cable or radio connection must be established. A correctly set and implemented wiring allows instant communication of the commands given by the Master.

Master FullPower has, on the back of the case, an output for connecting cables equipped with RS485 connectors, on the front panel, instead, it has two chrome-plated bushings for connection via an electric cable.

Connect via a cable with a two or four-pole RS485 connector with the 30CH 100V Slave module or the nearest RadioModem RTX. The identity assigned to the connection module is indifferent during the wiring of the system. Then connect the 30CH Slave through their XLR input remaining free via additional cable with the next closest module. Proceed thus until the connection of all the modules necessary for the performance of the show. Make sure that the first two connection cables from the Master to the first two cascade wiring modules are long enough to guarantee a suitable safety distance for the pyrotechnic.

Cable connection 50V

Connection via an electric cable allows up to 126 modules without internal battery, such as SmartSlave or FastSlave, to be connected to the Master FullPower. In this case, using a common electric cable or a twisted pair, the Master FullPower provides, on the one hand, the power supply sufficient to the ignition of all connected modules and on the other dictates the impulses that derive from the programming.

The system, so done, allows you to save on costs and set-up time of the show. The connection starts from the two chrome-plated bushings on the Master panel and goes up to the nearest SmartSlave or FastSLave, from which all the cascaded modules can be connected.

Mixed Connection

Master FullPower is able to support both types of wiring at the same time. The connection methods remain unchanged and will allow you to combine the versatility and practicality of the SmartSlave with the robustness and autonomy of the Slave 30 CH , for a total of 126 modules that respond to any show need.

It is important to remember that, although the modules are wired separately, they must all have different identities according to the programming memorized on the Master. The Create / Read and Change ID operations can be performed by the Master directly on the firing site.

Connection mode via RadioModem

The connection via RadioModem allows you to place the Master in a simple manner at a distance sufficient to ensure the safety of the pyrotechnic and his staff at the time of performance of the show.

To make a connection via radio, at least two Piroshow RadioModems are required. Connect using a cable with a 4-pin XLR connector with Piroshow RTX module. Position the other RadioModem at the firing site and connect it using a four-pole cable to the first of the modules present. Then proceed to a cascade connection via cable as described above or repeat the same operation with two other additional RadioModem.

RadioModem and Cable RS485 Connection

Radio and Cable Connection

With Master FullPower it is possible to direct a part of the show via RadioModem and another part by electric cable. Using both types of wiring you will get an efficient and versatile system!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg