Master Full 3780CH

Master Full 3780CH

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Piroshow Master Full 3780CH is a highly professional product that contains the most advanced technology. In fact, it has been designed to offer in a single product a traditional Master module for the control of the 30CH-100V Slaves and a powerful computer for programming, acquisition, storage and synchronization of pyrotechnic shows.

Piroshow Master Full 3780CH is the solution for the pyrotechnician who does not want to set himself any limits. Shipment within 15 days, ask to know any immediate availability. Battery charger included

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The result of three years of research and development, constant dialogue with the best italian pyrotechnics, to satisfy any need and anticipate their desires, Piroshow Master Full 3780 CH does not fear any comparison in the world of firing system. Nothing is more full of features, flexible in applications and simple to use than Master Full 3780 CH.

Piroshow Master Full 3780 CH anticipates the future.

Now with a single module you can not only manage all phases of crating or editing a show, not only be able to run it in automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode, but also create, edit and run pyromusical shows, synchronize their execution to external audio services, control and manage lights, moving heads, flames (solenoids) and in general all lighting and stage effects.

The master modules are used to direct! .. not to execute. As the conductor creates a symphony without playing personally a single note, so the Master module directs the entire firework show without firing directly a single firework. Piroshow Master Full 3780 CH is the solution for the pyrotechnic who does not want any limit to his creativity. As the best orchestra conductor, any idea, any show project, even the most complex, with multiple location very far apart and contemporary execution, with the addition of light scenes and music, Piroshow Master Full 3780 CH now finally is able to realize it with the greatest perfection, security and simplicity.

126 Slave – 3780 ignitions


acquisition from simulator via USB

FINALE small_screenshot

Complete test of the system


creation and storing of the shows


no limits !




Pyromusical shows


integrate managing of light effects


Once imported from the simulator through a simple USB key the show can be edited directly in the Master and stored in its internal memory.
Alternatively it can be created directly in the Master using the simple and intuitive interface for creating shows. The internal memory allows you to store hundreds of shows and, on request, it can be expanded. Once the show has been imported and the USB key has been extracted, the USB port can be used to connect a mouse or a keyboard to make easier editing operation or to create the show and give it a name.


Audio and DMX outputs

Audio and DMX outputs allow to configure Master Full 3780 CH as a single module for the execution of any kind of show : beside traditional shows in fact our Master, in a fully integrated way, through the audio output manages pyromusical shows and through the DMX output manages lights, flames (solenoids) and all the possible effects of the scene.


SMTPE output

SMTPE output is the other “feather in the cap” of the new Piroshow Master Full, in fact it makes possible to exploit the TIME CODE technology.
Time code allows you to synchronize the list of ignitions planned in the Master with external devices. In essence the time code creates a single clock that regulates, according to its scrolling, all planned activities of all connected devices. In the case, for example, of pyromusical shows where audio playback is performed by external services or highly complex shows with lighting effects committed to specialized companies, the TIME CODE ensures simply the perfect synchronization of the whole show. Brilliant.

The case for custody and transport of Master Full is made of a special plastic polymer that provides resistance to impacts and high intensive use, according to standards that could be called “military”. It is also waterproof and fitted with a valve for controlling the internal pressure. It is not afraid to be used even in difficult weather conditions.

In terms of reliability and security, nothing has been left to chance: the Master only starts with the special customized key, the FIRE button is protected by springloaded door to prevent accidental touches, all ports are resistant to atmospheric agents and in addition protected by the hermetic cover in rest position, the (traditional)audio output has been replaced with DMX type, to use higher quality cables and more durable.

In standard mode the Master Full CH 3780CH unit can handle a total of 126 Slave 30CH100V or Smart Slave and the already amazing number of 3780 ignitions, through two bidirectional XLR ports to manage with more ease (right and left side eg.) shows of large and very large dimensions.

By linking two or more Master Full 3780 CH via SMTPE connectors or via Ethernet ports you configure EXTENDED mode : the system configured this way is NO LIMITS !! The number of ignitions and of Slaves managed only depends on the number on the number of Master Full linked. Great ! Ethernet port is then used to receive software updates via Internet.

The absence of limits in term of lines and ignitions managed, combined with the ability to take advantage of wireless links in order to interconnect the various modules, even placed very distant from each other, makes the Master Full module ideal for controlling
from an unique location traditional shows and pyromusical shows with very long firing front and divided into a very large number of firing workstations.

At the same time Master Full CH 3780 CH not only ensures reliability at the highest level, but is designed to allow to the pyrotechnic to recognize his own mistakes in the design phase of the show, as well as in its positioning: Master Full 3780 CH in fact allows you to test all slave modules used in the run of the show and of lighters connected to them. Its large screen allows you to view in a unique visual the whole system used that time and its simple white, red, blue and green boxes to recognize and correct well in advance any eventual errors made.

From Master Full in also possible to control the state of charge of the batteries of all modules connected to it, Slave 30CH100V and Power Box + Smart Slave, to put in state of low consumption (standby) the whole system once completed the testing, and then to turn it back on (wakeup) for the run of the show with a simple click.

Master Full module offers the maximum flexibility in designing and programming shows:

Traditional shows :

– Design directly in local, through the touchscreen control panel, accessing the specific menu “Crea spettacolo”(Create show)

– Import the final project(list), developed on the simulator, through a pendrive. The imported show will be saved in the internal memory before to being executed, the show will be changed if needed (elimination of pyrotechnic steps or replacing them with different ones

– modifing ignition timing, adding ignitions, adding lighting effects or other stage effects) directly into the Master throuh the specific voice “Modifca spettacolo” (Show editing)

Pyromusical shows :

– Import music, mp3 or wav files, through the USB port and later linking to a list of ignitions already in the memory of the Master or designing of the list of the show, directly in the Master Full module through the control panel .

– Progressive importof songs and ignition project developed on the simulator via the USB port, sync through the control panel of the Master Full

Shows with the presence of lights or other stage effects

– Import the final project of the show both traditional than pyromusical, with the presence of lights effects or solenoid(flames) already designed on the simulator. Management of light effects or any other stage effect via DMX port.

– Addition of stage effects to a show already stored through the menu “Modifca spettacolo” (Edit show) or creation directly in the Master of a show with contemporary execution of stage effects through the menu “Crea spettacolo” (Create show)

Fire/ignition modes :

1 Manual : manual mode is to be used in absence of programming the show. Connecting the Slave to Master Full, by cable or radiomodem, the pyrotechnic will select, according to which is the progressive order of the show, the line, the slave and the channel to be ignited pressing the FIRE button. Master Full predisposes for ignition always the channel subsequent to last executed, even in the case of jumping between different lines or different slave modules. A simple, but of great help, feature for the pyrotechnic because it speeds up the selection of the correct firing channel and prevents the possibility of running the wrong channel.

2 Automatic : in automatic mode the project of the show, programmed directly into the Master Full module or imported from the simulator via USB drive, is complete with all of its times including breaks and interruptions between a block of ignition and/or music tracks and another. It will be sufficient to press once the shoot button and follow the proper execution on the display.

3 Semiautomatic : the semiautomatic mode is selected when the show is scheduled in its list of ignition timing , but the pyrotechnic wants to reserve the opportunity to personally choose how and when to actually run the various blocks in which the show is ordered. In this mode the time signature of the next shot, provides an important aid to the previous one. The semiautomatic mode is realized by inserting from the “Crea spettacolo”(Create show) or “Modifica spettacolo”(Edit show) a pause (short pause) between a programmed block of ignitions and the other. The ignition of each subsequent block involves a new click on the FIRE button.

4 Via Time Code : ignition via TIME CODE is an extraordinary innovation of Piroshow. It allows to synchronize the list planned on the Master with all external devices connected to it Its clock regulates all planned activities of all connected devices. The Time Code technology allows in this way to launch with a single click all instruments present in the run of the show. In the case ex. of pyrotechnic shows where audio is performed by external services or highly complex shows with light effects committed to specialized companies, Time Code ensures the perfect execution.


7″ touch screen
Standard mode: 2 lines, 126 Slave, 3780 ignitions
EXTENDED mode: Unlimited Slave and igniters
Local programming
Acquisition of lists and of music
Reading of sequences in many format
Storing of choreographies and entire shows
Complete management and line test
SMTPE port audio
XLR 3 pin out
USB port DMX
port Ethernet
Durable rechargeable internal battery
Upgradeable Firmware
CE mark ISO 9001
International warranty
Dimensions: 330x280x120 mm
Weight : 6 kg

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Weight 6 kg