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Piroshow FastSlave is the most innovative product in the world of the Professional Firing System. Dedicated to all professionals in the sector who need a greater speed and safety during the assembly of the shows.

Piroshow FastSlave consists of 30 channels, has no internal battery and can be powered via cable from the Master FullPower or SuperSlave. Shipping within 40 days, ask for any immediate availability.

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Piroshow FastSlave is the result of technological research that in recent years has affected the world of pyrotechnics. Increasing productivity, minimizing set-up and transport costs, reducing time and eliminating risks have become the prerogatives of this new era. All Piroshow products are designed to exceed expectations and to adapt to the needs of the most demanding customers.

FastSlave uses the plugs technology to simplify and speed up the phases of the pyrotechnical shows assembly: you need less than 4 seconds to connect the plug to the base!

The plugs replace the common electric igniters in the phase of connection of the fireworks, they’re already connected to the base of the single shot and they store inside them a resistance that, when it comes in contact with the brass hexagons fixed in every base, it’s being submitted to an electric voltage that’s activating the single shot. Substitute the igniters with powder is suitable for many reason: it enhances the safety at work, reduces the quantity needed and there’s no need to bring forward the work in the factory anymore. Piroshow FastSlave supports all the plug sizes: 24mm-30mm-38mm-45mm-50mm-65mm.

The FastSlave basis are 30 and each of them has an own number to simplify the planning of the Master. If you switch the black handle, you can also regulate the gradation as accurately as possible, with the use of the guide in the front of the bases. The steel dividers are strong and shock resistant and maintain the bases together with each other.

Piroshow FastSlave is a free internal battery module and it requires to receive energy from Master FullPower, that, can supply energy up to 126, or from the SuperSlave, that can feed up to 15.
For The connection, you must use only the two buckles that you can find as in the Master, as in the FastSlave, using a single telephone cable or a normal electric cable. The connection of the single FastSlave can be done in rays o cascade like with the same type of wire.

The identity can be assigned connecting the ID Programmer to the connector on the side, redoing the operation for each module or directly from the Master. In the same way, you can do the test of the modules before the show.

The quality and the warranty of a Piroshow product are all over the small details!

FastSlave has four little feet to place it in the field during the shows, and to put them in columns on each other, during the transport and in the storage.
FastSlaves can be used in every kind of show, from the simplest one to the the most complicated, and it guarantees the max accuracy and safety and allows you to have all the economical and time advantages connected to the diffusion of plugs.


  • 30 channels
  • Firing voltage 50V
  • Minimum time between two consecutive shots 0,1 sec.
  • Channel continuity test
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Updatable firmware
  • CE – ISO 9001
  • International guarantee
  • Dimensions: 482x610x140 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg

Additional information

Weight 11 kg