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    MicroSmartSlave Kit

    MicroSmartSlave Kit is the new Piroshow proposal for all pyrotechnicians in step with the times. The kit consists of a SuperSlave, capable of powering up to 10 MicroSmartSlaves and an ID Programmer to change the ID and to test the module channels. Two sheet metal suitcases are included in the kit which, divided into 5 internal compartments, allow you to transport your kit even more easily. Shipping in 40 days, ask for immediate availability.
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    Starter Kit

    If you are working with volcanoes and free sales boxes to celebrate birthdays and recurring events or with little professional pyrotechnic shows, Starter Kit is the unmissable offer tha Piroshow offer you to amaze your friend or to leave your public speechless. Piroshow Starter Kit includes all the necessary to set and ignite, in total safety, fantastic show with multiple placements and simultaneous ignition at a very convenient price.  
    319,00 + IVA
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    SuperSlave Kit

    SuperSlave Kit is the perfect solution for all the pyrotechnicians who are searching for a quality system that is innovative and versatile and at the same time allow to save money and effort. The kit is composed by: a SuperSlave that supply the energy to 5 SmartSlave, an ID Programmer to modify the identity and to do the test of the SmartSlaves and a strong Case for SmartSlave that, with 5 internal compartments, will allow you to transport your kit with lightness and comfort. Shipping within 40 days, ask to know about the immediate availability.