Why to choose Piroshow FastSlave

Piroshow FastSlave is the latest generation product, dedicated to all professionals in the sector who are looking for innovative and functional solutions, which save time and effort without sacrificing quality of work.

The success of each fireworks show depends on numerous factors including: creativity, precision, experience and commitment in the organization. Maintaining high quality standards requires respect and coordination of all these factors which, in turn, require punctuality and professionalism in their concrete application. Finding a product that allows more time to devise and organize the show rather than the long and complex assembly phase is therefore a challenge!

Piroshow FastSlave is the new plate for single shots designed to best meet this need, respecting all the canons of a product that is easy to use, safe and cutting edge, which exceeds expectations. It consists of 30 bases, each corresponding to a channel, numbered from 1 to 30 to identify them faster and adjustable to different inclinations.

By taking advantage of plug technology in place of ordinary electric igniters, the benefits are assured:

  1. Money savings. Considering that an electric lighter of 3m costs about € 0,40, a plug costs around € 0,33. They are also readily available and many cutting-edge industries are already starting production of single shots with the built-in plug.
  2. Time savings. Since the single shots already have the plug at one end, it is no longer necessary to spend time connecting the igniters to the single-jet and firing unit. The FastSlave is a firing unit, just connect with a common electric cable from the two chrome bushings to the FullPower Master and you’re done!
  3. Assembly speed. To fit a plug to the base it takes only 4 seconds! This means that in one hour, a single person, is able to mount as many as 900 single shots … About half of the show!
  4. Transportation security. FastSlave, like all the latest generation control units, has no internal battery and this means that the show can be safely mounted at the factory and transported, at a later time, with absolute safety and compliance with the rules.
  5. The structure of the FastSlave is made of stainless steel and aluminum, resistant to impact and atmospheric agents.

Simplicity. The use and programming are within everyone’s reach: each base corresponds to a channel, and each channel can be easily programmed according to your needs by the Master FullPower which, in turn, is able to supply up to 126 FastSlave, ie 3,780 single shots!

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