MINISLAVE RTX the best-selling product of 2021!

The long work carried out during the pandemic has borne fruit: the MiniSlaveRTX is confirmed as the best-selling product of 2021!

A new product is always a challenge: creation of a new project, market analysis, study of competitors, economic and financial investment. The result must always exceed expectations, which is why we have thought of new scenarios and proposed new products.

1. MINISLAVE RTX. The 30-channel module with integrated RadioModem. Equipped with a display that allows you to: view the percentage of radio signal perceived; view the battery charge status; carry out the channel continuity TEST; change the module ID; modify the RADIO FREQUENCY to allow the module to communicate not only with the remote control but also with the Master; to change the NETWORK ID so as not to interfere with other systems that are nearby.

Do you want to make small SHOWS IN MANUAL MODE? Pair the MiniSlaveRTX with the remote Control Manual RTX.

2. CONTROL MANUAL RTX. It allows you to control up to 10 MiniSlaveRTX modules and perform shows in manual mode up to 500m in line of air. Equipped with Range test and automatic shutdown.

Do you want to program and perform a PIROMUSICAL SHOW? Associate the MiniSlaveRTX with the FU.MU program. Lite Software.

3. FU.MU. LITE SOFTWARE. With 300 programmable channels and play/pause function, it is possible to remotely manage up to 10 MiniSlaveRTX and the PC becomes a Master!

Do you want to make a great show with more than 10 modules? Associate the MiniSlaveRTX to the MasterFullPower via the DUALBAND Radio Modem.

4. RADIOMODEM DUALBAND. More efficient because it communicates simultaneously on two frequencies. Compatible with all Piroshow modules, operating frequency 433 Mhz, operating distance 3 km in open air and 1.5-2 km between buildings.

We have thought of everything, for this MiniSlaveRTX is the best-selling Piroshow product in 2021!

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