Free software for Piroshow customers!

Piroshow invites you to discover the new simulation software, entirely designed to support pyrotechnics in the production of traditional and pyromusical shows. The interface, simple and intuitive, makes it an indispensable work tool to create the firing list from your computer and then transfer it to the Master.

Just a few steps are needed to make a show:
1. Create new show;
2. Add the audio track, if it is a pyromusical;
3. Add firing stations and name them as you wish;
4. Add the effects and any pauses;
5. Save the changes;
6. Export the list of shots to be downloaded to the Master;
7. Print the report sheets and labels.

A system that is not only simple but also advantageous: the shows created are all saved in a personal archive, no installation software is needed and you can then connect to your account wherever you are, even from a Smartphone!

The software is free for all Piroshow customers!

You can request access credentials by email to and then enter them at the following link

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