Discover the new Piroshow's MicroSmartSlave

Piroshow Firing System has always offered tailor-made solutions for pyrotechnics professionals. The spirit of innovation is in rapidly growing and guides us through new standards of quality and safety.

Would you like to effectively shorten the preparation time for a show? Also minimize the cost of labor and transportation? The Piroshow Smart modules are the products that best represent all this because they allow you to cope with the organization of great shows, revolutionizing old planning schemes.

The new design of the MicroSmartSlave makes it easier to use and lighter to transport without having to renounce the advantages of a professional module:

  • they have 30 channels equipped with tear-proof clamp,
  • they have no internal battery,
  • they are easy to carry, they weigh only 0.5 kg!
  • during the test, only the control circuits and not the ignition circuits are activated
  • they do not require any specific cable for wiring,
  • they have a cover that protects the wires and connectors from falling material inflamed during the show.

MicroSmartSlave, like the SmartSlave, can be powered by the SuperSlave (up to 15) or powered and managed directly by the Master FullPower, up to a total of 126 modules!
Come and discover this and all the others Piroshow news, from 6 to 10 May, at the International Symposium on Fireworks in Puerto Vallarta (MEXICO).

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