Slave 30CH-100V is the central module of the Piroshow system; it allows to create constant, acelerated, decelerated an planned series. It has always been a complete product in all its functions but now it wants to amaze you with 7 new functions!

  1. Range Test. If you decide to execute you shows in wireless mode, thruogh the radio modem RTX 50mW, you can visualizeon the screen of the Slave the percentge of the intensity of the radio signal. This will give you more safety in the execution of the show!
  2. Internal control of humidity and temperature. Avoid the entry of water in the internal circuit is basic because humidity obstructs the right operation of the internal circuit and thanks to this control mode you can avoid to damage your Slaves!
  3. Switch off your Slave at distance. After the test operations or after the show you will be able to switch your Slave off directly from the Master, remaneing in the safety zone and avoiding unuseful waste of battery energ.
  4. Internal autocheck-up. The new Slave has got a device that, once you push the ON button, will execute an internal autocheck-up of the circuits and, only after a positive outcome, the Slave will turn ON. This means that every show will be done with absolute safety!
  5. Greater internal battery duration. The battery is the same but the consumption are smaller even if tha Slaves has got more functions: it can seem impossible but it’s true! The new Slave guarantees 60h-100h in stand-by, so can supply energy to possible modules without battery connected in the Piroshow system (like for example radi-modem RTX 500mW).
  6. New button. The bipolar switch of the panel has been replaced by a button that avoid the penetration of dust or sand in the internal circuit altering the operation. The new switch have to be pressed for about three seconds and then an audio signal will advice you that the Slave is ON; this way you’ll avoid to switch the Slave ON or OFF by chance.
  7. Super Slave option. This option is necessary if you want to expand your system in the most economic and efficient way! The Super Slave is the alternative to the Power Box and it can feed up to ten Smart Slave.

All these functions will guarantee you a product that is synonymous of qulity and safety, that keep on answering to the need of all the pyrotechnician that never give up searching safety in the place of work!

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  • artificii Reply

    A very good firing system I want and I’ll have one day.

    6 January 2018 at 22:19

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