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Paolo Lombardo

Piroshow is the company that is setting new standards of excellence in the field of professional fireworks firing systems.
Piroshow comes from the world of fireworks and from the genius of Paolo Lombardo.

In fact, only a perfect knowledge of fireworks from the internal allows the understanding of its needs and its problems, finding answers and solutions, developing new ideas to make it easier, on the one hand, to design and execute fireworks shows and, on the other, to foster and develop the artistic creativity of the pyrotechnical.
Paolo Lombardo has always breathed the acrid taste of gunpowder.


Palazzolo Acreide

Palazzolo Acreide has a long history tied to the fireworks competition among the organizers of his four religious festivals, one for each district of the town. Paolo was still a child when he started to collaborate making the feast of his neighborhood, Apostle S.Paolo, and began to go around for the pyrotechnic events in Sicily first, then in the south of Italy, honing his skills in the fireworks field. Active participation in the design of the choreography and design of the start sequence for the S.Paolo’s “sciuta”, friendship first and then cooperation with the fireworks firm Vaccalluzzo, a pioneer in Italy in the planning and execution of musical pyrotechnics shows and night shows, rich in elegant choreography, led to Paolo, not yet eighteen, to already have professional experience in the fireworks field.

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