Master FullPower is the latest Piroshow innovation that combines the completeness of a highly professional master module with the simplicity of SmartSlave, the small compact slippers that have already conquered our best customers.

Master FullPower is designed for the most demanding pyrotechnic and allows you to create shows in automatic mode, semi-automatic or manual, but also create, edit and run pyromusical shows. It also allows synchronization in their execution to external audio service, control and manage headlights, moving heads, flames (solenoid valves) and all the lighting and effects of the scene.

It is equipped with: a USB port that allows you to load the shows via a simple key, an audio output that allows you to play the sound outside thanks to an integrated audio player, a SMPTE time code input that ensures synchronization between audio and ignition, finally, is equipped with two chrome connectors that provide sufficient power when the 126 SmartSlave or Slave are turned on.

SmartSlave is the revolutionary module in the world of pyrotechnics:

  • it is light and small;
  • it is safe to use and originally excludes the possibility of accidental ignition since, during the test phase, only the control circuit is fed and not the firing circuit;
  • it is impermeable to water and resistant to atmospheric agents;
  • it has no internal battery, this allows the pyrotechnic to anticipate the assembly of shows in the factory saving time on the firing place, besides there is no risk of acid leakage contained in the batteries and this will allow you to reduce maintenance;
  • is equipped with a cover that protects the connectors and wires from the fall of inflamed material during the shows;

Using Master FullPower to power the SmartSlave, in addition to being simple and fast, it is also economical because you do not need specific cables for the connection but just a simple telephone pair or a common electric cable.

You will save time and effort in the phase before the show: you will not have to turn on every single module, you just have to enable the SmartSlave output from the Master FullPower and all the modules are ready to use!

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