The professional Piroshow firing system and wireless ignition comes from the world of pyrotechnics for the world of pyrotechnics. It is designed to fully satisfy what are the needs of pyrotechnics companies both in the design phase, and in the phase of installing and running any kind of firework shows.
Piroshow is the perfect partner for any pyrotechnician that will enhance his creativity and who wants to enjoy all the advantages that put Piroshow in the Olympus of professional firing systems:

Benefits for the pyrotechnician

The possibility of remote turnon of the shows and the ability to follow through Master modules or Slave modules the show in its development greatly increases the protection of the pyrotechnician and of his collaborators.
In Italy we say: “gunpowder knows no masters!”
Rely on Piroshow!

Piroshow is able to offer to pyrotechnicians the highest technologic quality and uncompromising quality at a very
small price, that is unparalleled in the world of professional firing systems.
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Guarantee of investment

Piroshow is a system composed by a plurality of products in continuous development and ensures the mutual compatibility of its products. Relying on Piroshow means having the confidence to expand your equipment in time with products always new and always compatible with previous ones!

The CE and ISO 9000 marks guarantee reliability!

All Piroshow products are covered by international warranty for 2 or 1 year, as required by EU law.
In the repair time Piroshow is committed to providing, subject to availability, a replacement product as to not suddenly stop operation.

High technology and Quality

Piroshow does not rely on external suppliers with regard to ignition electronic modules, but plans his own and programs according to unique codes his products.

Piroshow choose the non electronic components of his modules among the best the market offers, and uses them only
after they were subjected to stringent tests.

of functionality and modulability

Most Piroshow products offer a variety of features that makes them flexible to be used for many different purposes with each other.

The mutual compatibility of the product makes Piroshow a system suitable to meet the needs of the pyrotechnicians for the execution of all kinds of shows, also the largest and most complex!

in installation and error testing

All Piroshow modules are equipped with autonomous battery or receive power from long range supply modules.

The Piroshow system provides the possibility to leave its modules, when laying on the floor for the show, in standby
mode, and then turn them back, even after many hours, simultaneously, directly from the Master module or through the PC with the FU.MU. software.

Master modules, Slave modules and FU.MU. software have bidirectional communication between them and with other Piroshow modules. This allows to test in any time before the running of the show,test the perfect functionality of each shot channel, eventually allowing the restore of defective lines in time to assure the perfect execution of the show.

The design features of the Piroshow system ensure the “simultaneity” of the shot with respect to the sending of the
electrical impulse, by preventing the creation of perceptible response delays; with the benefit of the quality of show execution.

The Slave 30Ch100V firing units, when connected to solenoid valves, unlike most modules of other brands, allows
not only the possibility of ignition, but also the management of the duration of valve opening and thus the duration and the intensity of flame.