Author - Paolo Lombardo


The Laboratorio Oficial J.M. Madariaga on the occasion of its 40 years of activity, organizes the first international symposium on pyrotechnic innovation. The Symposium will be a unique opportunity to meet all those involved in the world of pyrotechnics, celebrating, fraternizing and exchanging various experiences. The event will open with a technical day, where presentations can be proposed, participate in round tables and also exhibit materials and news. All this will end with a big fireworks party in the Juan Carlos [...]

Free software for Piroshow customers!

Piroshow invites you to discover the new simulation software, entirely designed to support pyrotechnics in the production of traditional and pyromusical shows. The interface, simple and intuitive, makes it an indispensable work tool to create the firing list from your computer and then transfer it to the Master. Just a few steps are needed to make a show: 1. Create new show; 2. Add the audio track, if it is a pyromusical; 3. Add firing stations and name them as you wish; 4. Add [...]

The 17th International Symposium on Fireworks: Puerto Vallarta (MEXICO) May 6 - 10, 2019

As in any edition, the ISF attracts professional pyrotechnicians and enthusiasts from all over the world. There will be 5 consecutive days where it is possible to visit both the fair with the stands of all sectors, but also to attend important fireworks shows in where to appreciate different techniques, making this event special, unique and spectacular. The aim of this seventeenth edition is "Always safe", a crucial issue that concerns us all. It is essential to spread it in [...]

Discover the new Piroshow's MicroSmartSlave

Piroshow Firing System has always offered tailor-made solutions for pyrotechnics professionals. The spirit of innovation is in rapidly growing and guides us through new standards of quality and safety. Would you like to effectively shorten the preparation time for a show? Also minimize the cost of labor and transportation? The Piroshow Smart modules are the products that best represent all this because they allow you to cope with the organization of great shows, revolutionizing old planning schemes. The new design of [...]

International Fireworks Fair 2019: 8-10 Marzo, Capaccio Paestum (Sa)

  Anche quest’anno torna, per la XII edizione, l’International Fireworks Fair 2019. Il programma prevede una serie di meeting per misurarsi sui temi attuali e più dibattuti nel mondo dei fuochi d’artificio a cui partecipano, orami da anni, molte associazioni e figure di spicco che si impegnano a collaborare e a confrontarsi tra loro. La sicurezza è e continua ad essere uno dei temi portanti delle grandi fiere internazionali. Piroshow Firing System ha innovato tutti i moduli per garantire ai pirotecnici [...]


Master FullPower is the latest Piroshow innovation that combines the completeness of a highly professional master module with the simplicity of SmartSlave, the small compact slippers that have already conquered our best customers. Master FullPower is designed for the most demanding pyrotechnic and allows you to create shows in automatic mode, semi-automatic or manual, but also create, edit and run pyromusical shows. It also allows synchronization in their execution to external audio service, control and manage headlights, moving heads, flames [...]

Why to choose Piroshow FastSlave

Piroshow FastSlave is the latest generation product, dedicated to all professionals in the sector who are looking for innovative and functional solutions, which save time and effort without sacrificing quality of work. The success of each fireworks show depends on numerous factors including: creativity, precision, experience and commitment in the organization. Maintaining high quality standards requires respect and coordination of all these factors which, in turn, require punctuality and professionalism in their concrete application. Finding a product that allows more [...]

MÉXICO 2018,  “Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia” and “Congreso Latinoamericano de Pirotecnicos”

The international events devoted to the world of the pyrotechnics continue! This time we move inside the Mexican scenery: from 3 to on March 10 to the '' Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia '' Tultepec and from 5 to on March 9 to the '' Congreso Latinoamericano de Pirotecnicos '' Ecatepec. Two demonstrations that conquer thousand of visitors coming from the whole world for a long time. Piroshow is pleased to participate in both the events to introduce the fruits of [...]

Paestum 2018: XI edizione della “International Fireworks Fair”

Paestum 2018 Continua il tradizionale incontro a Paestum(SA) in occasione della XI edizione della “International Fireworks Fair” che ogni anno organizza meeting delle attrezzature, dei servizi e dei prodotti chimici per pirotecnici. Piroshow sarà lieta di presentare, per la prima volta in Italia, due nuovi prodotti all'avanguardia nel mondo del firing system: Master FullPower e FastSlave! MasterFullPower è il nuovo modulo Master in grado di alimentare fino a 126 moduli privi di batteria autonoma interna! Questo prodotto nasce dalla necessità di creare un sistema [...]

Why choose Piroshow?

Piroshow was founded in 2010 by the talent of Paolo Lombardo, who has always lived in the world of fireworks and alongside the best pyrotechnic, developing knowledge in techniques and methods of shooting. Currently the Piroshow system is composed of: Master Full, Master Manual, Slave, SuperSlave, SmartSlave to which are added the new Master FullPower and FastSlave, the latter already presented at the "International Symposium on Fireworks" held in Omagari (Jp) last April. The expansion of the current system wants [...]