All Piroshow products are covered by international warranty

All Piroshow products are covered by international warranty for defects and production malfunctions, in accordance with European Directive 1999/44/EC and its amendments by the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code).

The defective product under warranty must be delivered or sent to the legal office. Upon receipt of the defective product, Piroshow will proceed to the immediate shipment of a replacement product, if it is impossible to repair the not working product.


Piroshow arrange it personally to the repair of its products

To preserve the knowhow, and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Piroshow do not rely on generic repair centers for its own products, but provides it personally.
In the event of a malfunction not covered by the warranty, simply send us the not working product together with attached description of the defects.

Piroshow always guarantees, after checking for availability, a replacement product for his clients for the duration of the repair.

Spare parts

In case of loss or wear products can be replaced

Some parts of our products or accessories are prone to natural depletion of their life cycle (eg. internal batteries) or to damage by wear or loss (remote control, charger ). Such parts or products can be replaced by the customer.

Firmware upgrade

Pirosghow guarantees sw updated

The Piroshow system is constantly evolving, every product is under constant review of capabilities and of electronicinformatic development. All Piroshow products are delivered to the customer in the latest developed programming version.
Over the months, Piroshow can make your product available for an updated version of the firmware.