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It is said e-firing design and firing mode of firework handled in its entirety via a PC..

The e-firing, allowing centralized management of both the design, execution of the show, is an indispensable tool for the fireworks. This mode can be used for any type of show, but it is particularly suitable in the case of musical pyrotechnics shows or big traditional performances characterized by a long firing front divided into a multitude of firing stations. The ability to manage through a single computer's interface the entire show ensures not only greater simplicity in the design  of large and very large shows, but also, in the show-time continuous monitoring of the various phases of the show and its proper progress..

E-firing allows of course all three of the traditional firing type: the fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

The Piroshow professional firing system provides two alternative systems of e-firing:

Through PC :

design and simulation sequences by simulator (for ex.FINALE FIREWORKS), pyromusical synchronization of the show via FU.MU. software , Piroshow Converter as a means of connection between the PC and firing modules.

Through Master Full:

the technological heart inside our flagship model is similar to a powerful PC, capable of performing all phases of design and execution of the show.